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Thos Begbie & Company is a certified ISO 9001:2008 company that makes it their priority to produce not only the best quality product possible, but it also ensures that every aspect of the customer’s specifications are met.

Thos Begbie clearly differentiates between Quality Control and Quality Assurance:

Every process in the Thos Begbie organization is governed by a Quality Assurance Manual written around every action & procedure in the manufacturing chain of events. It is the responsibility of every employee to exercise quality control within their daily scope of work.

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Although customer’s requirements may differ, Thos Begbie, as the supplier, liaises with each individual client and draws up a mutually acceptable Quality Control Plan or QCP.

This QCP is the document that clearly and systematically identifies and lists all major events and activities in chronological sequence, which has to be performed by both the client and the manufacturer from the inception of the contract to its completion and final acceptance.

Some of the criteria included in a typical QCP:

  • Supplier and Client identification & contact detail
  • Contract name
  • Job number and Client order number
  • QCP number & revision status
  • Client & Manufacturer Item ID numbers
  • Drawing number & revision status
  • Drawing revision & specification variation procedure
  • Data pack requirements

The following are a list of activities which may be applicable to a contract:

  • Signed acceptance of customer’s order and conditions
  • Acceptance of approved drawings
  • Approval of welding procedure specifications & welder qualifications
  • Approval of non-destructive testing procedures
  • Material identification method
  • Checking of patterns and mould & coil design
  • Checking of coil weld fit-ups before final welding
  • Examination of completed welds using x-ray, dye-penetration or radiography, etc.
  • Visual & dimensional inspection sign-offs
  • Inspection before & after blast cleaning
  • In-line inspection sign-offs at various holding points
  • Part numbers stamped correctly
  • Review & approval of Data pack
  • Final inspection before fumigation and packing
  • Final inspection sign-off by customer’s inspectors
  • Release for dispatch

The QCP and the Data pack become living documents, not only during the manufacturing and installation process, but also during the life of use of the product by the customer.

The Quality Department has highly skilled and specialized personnel experienced in all the related fields of quality engineering and metallurgy ensuring that customer’s design criteria are correctly interpreted from the drawings to the final product.

Impartial reporting is ensured by making use of third-party inspection specialists in the field of ultra-sonic, x-ray examination and infra-red thermal imaging on some of the tests performed on site to give clients the additional comfort of knowing that latent defects are eliminated and test results are accurate and verified.

To ensure that all products produced comply with the set standards and specifications and that all details on the drawings are adhered to; the following tests are selectively performed during, and after each manufacturing process.

Specialized tests routinely conducted:

  • Thermal Image testing
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • X-Ray examination
  • Dye-Penetrant testing
  • Material Analysis
  • Weld integrity testing
  • Hydrostatic Pressure testing
  • Hydrostatic Flow testing
  • Conductivity testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Dimensional Inspections
  • Visual Inspections

Thos Begbie & Company has an intrinsic and deeply inculcated quality culture and every employee, and especially the Quality Team, are committed to providing the customer with a product that is more than just “fit-for-purpose”, but also where peace-of-mind is experienced by the owners and users of the equipment knowing that safety and continuity of production is built into each component delivered.

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