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Thos Begbie Retirements: We thank you for your service!

Babs Stoltz 1982 - 2014

Mrs Margaretha Frederika Johanna Stoltz, best known as “Babs” joined Thos Begbie on 14 September 1982 as a Typist / Secretary, in the Finance Department working for Sakkie Joubert & Bill Livingstone, where she was promoted to the General Managers Office as Secretary to Mr Dana Kruger.    After the retirement of Mr Dana Kruger, Babs was promoted to the Sales & Marketing Department and worked for Daan Delport, Charl van der Merwe, Rex Hilligan to name but a few.

During Babs’ years of service she also performed secretarial duties for Brand van Dyk and later David Fundzane from the HR Department.

(In the early years at Begbie’s, Babs studied part time at the Middelburg College and completed 2 years of studies in 1 year and achieved the award as “Best Student of the Year” which was awarded by the Middelburg Chamber of Commerce)

In July 1998 Babs moved from Sales & Marketing to Admin on promotion to a much more senior position as Executive Secretary.

During her stay at Thos Begbie Babs has seen the Company evolve from good to bad and vice-versa, from high labour to low labour intensity.  She was present and witnessed the rationalisation of the Company that led to reduction in staff and company size due to economic crisis in 1992, 1998 and 2005.

A number of employees from management level down to entry level lost their jobs and Babs because of her resilience, hard work and dedication managed to weather the storm and survived those difficult times.

As an Executive Personal Assistant, Babs executed her duties exceptionally well.  She proved her ability, skill and knowledge of organising and arranging Company Functions, Management Getaways, Co-ordinating of Meetings, Venues, Travelling Arrangements, and Itineraries and most importantly her ability to exercise and maintain confidentiality.

Her humane personality disposition played a pivotal role in integrating and maintaining a friendly interconnectedness of the Executive Office, the GFD Office and subsidiaries.Babs conducted herself in a manner befitting with the high standards of behaviour.  She has an impeccable and faultless 32 years-service with Thos Begbie.

Babs retires while holding the position as Executive Personal Assistant after rendering 32 years of good service.
Trudie Venter 1987 - 2014

Mrs Gertruida Johanna Venter, best known as “Trudie” joined Thos Begbie on 23 March 1987 as a Typist / Clerk in the Stores Department.

In February 1989 she was promoted to the position of Debtors/Credit Controller.  In May 1991 she moved into the Human Resources Department on promotion to Chief Time Keeper.  Due to hard work and dedication, she worked herself up, ascending the ranks to become Payroll Administrator in 1998 and eventually to the position as Payroll Manager in May 2010.

It was during her tenure in the payroll environment that the clocking system evolved from the then basic clock card system to the much sophisticated Biometric System currently in use for access control and time and attendance.

In all these technological changes and payroll conversions, Trudie played a central and critical role, offering advice wherever a new technology or new payroll software is introduced.

She made sure that the new technology including software is customised so as to make it suitable for Thos Begbie application and requirements.

In the early days when the hourly paid employees attendance was recorded by means of clock cards, which had to be summarised manually to generate weekly payroll where employees were paid in cash.  Trudie was personally involved doing those monotonous manual calculations.

Dealing with those huge sums of hard cash meant for employees’ wages required a person of integrity, honesty and strong moral principles, Trudie was that person.

As the time progressed, technology too continued to evolve during which other payroll systems were introduced to Thos Begbie.  One of these being the TimeQ Access Control or QPac used in generating payroll for both salaried staff and wages employees.  Trudie played an active role in the implementation of this payroll package.  She created proximity discs for Thos Begbie employees and permanent contractors to gain access through the turnstile gate.  Transfer of the clocking data to payroll was one of her many tasks.

It was also at this stage that Trudie emerged with a high degree of skill and expertise. Under her leadership and management the payroll progressed to a much more sophisticated software system such as QED and NUQ.

The most advanced and more innovative system that Trudie also got involved with is the implementation and application of the current Biometric Access Control System for Time and Attendance and access through the turnstile.

She implemented the Computerised Time Keeper System to generate time and attendance time sheets.

Under her management control and guidance, Time Office became more independent with regard to related correspondence, reporting and typing.  Time Office also took responsibility of the safekeeping of personnel files and filing.

Trudie and her team did not only do payroll for Thos Begbie alone.  At some stage she ran, controlled and managed five different payrolls, vis, Thos Begbie Holdings, Thos Begbie & Company, RST Special Metals, Furnace Maintenance Africa and for Mpumalanga Stainless Initiative.  She also runs payroll for Corrotherm Africa.

Her role in managing all these payrolls involved lots of banking i.e. salaries and wages which had evolved from hand delivery banking.  She also dealt with the South African Revenue Services.

Trudie retires while holding the position of Payroll Manager after rendering 27 years of impeccable service.
Rufus Louw 1998 - 2014

Oom  Rufus het begin as ‘n Kontroleur van Rou Materiale in Feb 1998 tot  Feb 2014 (16 jaar)

Hy het ‘n ander  betekenis gegee aan die woord “scrap”  want hy het ‘n goeie oog gehad  en kon dit aan enige persoon verkoop .  Die persoon sou dan dink hulle het die lotto gewen.  As jy dink mens kan nie scrap sorteer nie, sal hy jou wys hoe, sy kennis was uitsonderlik. 

Hiervan kan jy hom niks vertel  of leer nie. Hy het geweet hoe om daarmee baie geld te maak en kon sy kliënte  so hanteer en beïndruk dat almal altyd gevoel het soos ‘n wenner.

Oom Rufus is ‘n baie bekende persoon in Middelburg.  Hy het self’s sy eie hoekie in Something Fishy, (Rufie’s  Corner) gehad.   Hier het hy menigte male die dames bederf  op verjaarsdae of sommer net vir die lekker.  Hy het nogal ‘n oog vir ‘n mooi vrou.    

Met sy innemende geaardheid  het hy altyd ‘n goeie woord vir almal gehad.  Nooit iets leliks van iemand gesê nie.  Al was hy ook hoe siek sou hy nie kla nie.  Nog steeds opgedaag en soveel moontlik probeer doen.

Ek dink ons almal gaan hom baie mis want met sy spesiale geaardheid het hy in ons harte geklim.

Oom Rufus ons beste wense gaan saam met jou tydens die groot operasie wat voorlê  ons weet dat dit sal goed gaan.  Onthou dat jou Begbie Familie altyd hier sal wees vir jou.

Jacob Jiyane 1996 - 2014

Mr Magogo Jacob Jiyane known as Jacob joined Thos Begbie as a Fettler on a temporary contract in the Ferrous Foundry for a short period of only 4 months from 6 March 1996 to 12 June 1996.

On 13 June 1996 Jacob was appointed on a permanent contract as Artisan Assistant in the machine Shop.

The Terms and Conditions of his appointment stipulated that he participates in the ABET Programme and obtained Level Four.

In 2006, certain employees were upgraded to Grade 16 on condition that each case was to be considered on individual merit.

Those Employees who accepted this move consequently accepted the flexibility of jobs and duties to move from one job to the other as required and subject to individual skills and capabilities.  Jacob was one of those employees.

In July 1999 Jacob requested to be moved from the night shift roster as he started having excruciating pains on his right knee.

In 2007 Jacob was medically declared unfit to do his job as Artisan Assistant.  It was recommended that he be accommodated where he can alternate his posture by sitting, standing and walking – not to carry, work with heavy machinery for long hours, not to climb stairs but walk only on even level ground.

In 2009 Jacob’s designation changed to that of Cleaner-Machine Shop.
In 2013, Jacob suffered a mild stroke and it was recommended that because of his age and ill health goes on retirement or disability.

Jacob retires while working as Machine Shop Cleaner after serving the Company for 18 years.



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