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Thos Begbie & Company is situated in the Republic of South Africa in the heavy industrial hub of Middelburg, in the Mpumalanga Province and has been serving the mining and smelting-related industries for over 120 years. Originally established in 1887 in Johannesburg as a foundry and engineering business serving the mining industry, the business was relocated to Middelburg in 1906.

The 16.7ha site has the copper foundry, pattern shop and the heavy machining facility under 33,000m² of roofing, where large copper castings are made and machined to order for the pyrometallurgical industry world-wide. Some of the largest pure copper castings ever made came from this world class ISO 9001:2008 rated facility. Castings are also made from other metal and copper-alloys including aluminium bronze, brass, cast-iron and stainless-steel.

The GED (General Engineering Division) is well fitted out with CNC 5-axis mills and many other manually operated machines. The Thos Begbie site also boasts a large refurbishing, fabrication, boiler-shop and pre-assembly unit where clients can inspect their manufactured components, pre-assembled before dismantling and packing for dispatch to over 20 countries across the globe.

Thos Begbie & Co
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